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Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) takes a Beretta 92FS (standing in for a U.S. Military-issue M9) from an un-dead soldier inside a tank in the end of the pilot episode, In Season 1 Episode 2, Guts, identifying it as a Beretta with 15 rounds. He fires it until dry then stores it in Glenn's Backpack. In the opening flashback of Season 1 Episode 6, TS-19, Shane witnesses soldiers executing infected people with the Beretta in the hospital Rick is laying comatose in during the initial outbreak. One of the soldiers in the hospital flashback in Season 1 Episode 6, TS-19, uses a Non Gun Beretta 92FS when he's finishing off the bodies with a shot to the head. While we don't get a good look, Andrea is practicing loading a Beretta magazine in the RV at night in Season 2 Episode 3, Save The Last One, and Daryl (Norman Reedus) awakes to ask for his "clip" back so he can go walk the road to look for Sophia and we very briefly get a glimpse of the Beretta as inserts the magazine before he tucks the pistol in his waistband. In Season 2 Episode 6, Secrets, Andrea (Laurie Holden) uses the Beretta to practice with in a target practice lesson by Shane after he recommends it for its larger frame, better balance, and twice the capacity. She excels with it and uses it to gun down Walkers in the housing development known as Whiltshire Estates which they search for Sophia Peletier. Andrea once again uses the Beretta in Season 2 Episode 7, Pretty Much Dead Already, on the walkers escaping Hershel's barn and again in Season 2 Episode 13, Beside The Dying Fire, to gun down walkers that trespass onto Hershel's farm.