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A Glock 17 was one of the sidearms of the police in the first episode, Days Gone Bye. One of the deputies was told by Rick Grimes to have a round chambered and also (incorrectly) to make sure the safety was off. A Glock 17 is also taken by Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) from Rick's gun bag to confront the Vatos in Season 1 Episode 4, Vatos. Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) carries one as well as his duty sidearm, and is seen carrying it during the end of Season 1 Episode 4, though he never fires it until Season 1 Episode 6, TS-19, when they are fleeing the CDC headquarters when he takes a shot on a zombie as they make a break for the vehicles. It can also be seen in Shane's hands in the opening flashback of the same episode in the hospital. Shane can be seen cleaning his Glock 17 in Season 2 Episode 1, What Lies Ahead, after taking it apart. Later, Andrea is seen trying to assemble Shane's Glock, but is interrupted by a stray 'walker'. Shane uses his Glock extensively in Season 2 Episode 3, Save the Last One, to escape the un-named school with the medical supplies. He fires it again while trying to train Andrea in firearms in Season 2 Episode 6, Secrets, and to escape the housing development alive. Jimmy (James Allen McCune) & T-Dog (IronE Singleton) also fire a Glock during target practice in Season 2 Episode 6. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) also briefly checks the Glock from the bag of guns after to make sure all guns are unloaded which shows there are at least two Glocks in the inventory because Shane always has one. T-Dog & Shane both fire Glock 17s during the end of Season 2 Episode 7, Pretty Much Dead Already, to put down multiple Walkers escaping Hershel's barn. In Season 2 Episode 10 whilst at the Mert County Public Service site, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) acquires two Glock 17s from two infected Mert County Deputies (who he and Shane killed) when his Python runs out of bullets. He later uses one of the Glocks to rescue Shane from a hoard of walkers. Rick uses T-Dog's Glock extensively in Season 2 Episode 13, Beside the Dying Fire, in the farm seige to put down many walkers. One of the groups Glocks was lost when a member of the group hid it.