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A Remington 870 Wingmaster shotgun is briefly seen in Season 1 Episode 1, Days Gone Bye, in the house Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) stops at, Rick also has one stashed in his bag of guns he got from the police station locker, the shotgun sports a walnut stock, a barrel without the raised barrel vent rib and possibly a shorter 20" Barrel, it ends up with Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) during the "switch" with the Vatos gang in Season 1 Episode 4, Vatos. Daryl continues to carry it along with his crossbow in Season 1 Episode 5, Wildfire, when the group arrive to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and still has it in the opening of Season 1 Episode 6, TS-19. The 870 is once again seen in Season 2 Episode 5, Chupacabra, being taken out of the bag of guns as the group coordinate their grid search of the woods for Sophia Peletier, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) can later be seen armed with it as he patrols the forest with Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal). We see Rick holding it again in Season 2 Episode 6, Secrets, while some of the group target practice. Shane passes the Remington 870 Wingmaster out to Daryl who once again fires it for the first time since Season 1 Episode 4, Vatos, this time he uses it on Walkers during the siege on the barn in Season 2 Episode 7, Pretty Much Dead Already. In Season 2 Episode 13, Beside the Dying Fire, Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) can be seen firing this shotgun many times at the advancing walkers in defense of his farm.